Education Threatens Ignorance and Terrorists

The news today that 14 boys were shot by Islamists on their way to school in an African Country left me stunned. This follows the shooting of a girl in Pakistan a year ago for seeking education. The facts that education is such a threat to terrorists of this type warrant an understanding of their cause. It has to do with the power they achieve by the ignorance they protect and of which they are a part.

Many are brain washed from birth to believe only what is heard from their leaders. This is a recipe for disaster as they are brain-washed into thinking beyond reason. They lose the means to use logic while their instincts to question authorities that are dependent on their actions for control is gone.

It is not unique to these groups; however, as even in Western societies religions dominate thinking and will overturn knowledge if and when allowed to do so. Evolution is a case in point as many religious folk won’t accept it and prefer to think of creation as having taken place in six days. The problem remains unresolved as they are so protected by their church groups that no amount of information from others to the contrary will get in.

Even the most educated leaders tend to stick to religious guide-lines when making laws for their nations. The reasoning behind it is to make sure that they stay in favour of those who are so out of focus that they want their gods’ laws in preference to logic.

While ever ignorance remains the terrorism will continue. This is stale-mate that is unresolvable as it was meant to be because the super-conflict that is closing in on all of us will bring this world to an end as we know it. That is the plan of the real God, the Spirit of the Universe.

Play School Education – A Good Option For Your Child

What is Play School Education?

Play School education is a part of Pre School education. Are you thinking it is the playground for your children? — If so, you get 50% idea about this system. Adding to your interest, this is a place where tiny kids learn a bit in a playful way. Learning basics of our education world like numbers and alphabets are taught to them using toys, puzzle boxes, pictures etc… to make their learning funny.

Required age to enroll your child in schools…

Yeah, there is not any age limit to enroll your baby in these schools. As a parent, you all are aware when your baby is ready to move into other places i.e. reaching to the age of two, your child can be able to go anywhere. But, every play school does not follow the same criteria. Suppose, your baby is not two years old by February and the school’s admission date opens in February, you have to wait for next season.
As Play schools take responsibility of your small tots, they want to follow the rule that they can manage. Nothing is to worry about this, if your child is smart, confident and easygoing, play schools will accept them without hesitance.

Why Play School Education is a necessity?

In this modern society & busy life, nourishing a child is not enough. Lack of time to spend with our children can be considered as a blunder. Children in this age love a circle to feel secured. Spending more time with parents or friends makes them more strong and confident. To relax the parents from these worries, Play school education has been started by some wits and learned child experts.

Play school education provides a better circle to your child to be socialized. Here, they find same age children that help them to become free and creative. Living in a friends circle, they found themselves competitive and a good follower.

Being a self-reliant and industrious, the children can touch the maturity level of their age. How they build themselves in this age that will help them making their future path easy.

What Play Schools hold the guidelines for your little ones?

Playschools are controlled by experienced wits who follow well guide lines to satisfy the parents. Trained teachers are associated in these schools. For a clever, smart and independent child, they have guidelines to provide him/her more opportunity to go ahead. For a shy, moody child, they try to get him/her socialized first. The first motto of this education is the improvement of your children. According to your child’s capability, they will be trained or taught to go one step ahead in their life.

Fine, what parents need more than the social, mental and educational development of their children from a Play school? So, it depends on the parents whether to choose Play School education or not. GOOD LUCK!

Education – With it Succeed, Without it Fail!

If you want to succeed on-line, Education is vital and you should consider it as mandatory. In truth a lack of education is one of the most common mistakes that anyone new to the internet makes. When you have a business on-line you have to constantly learn new things.

To be successful you need to educate yourself on a number of different things such as, internet marketing, advertising methods, and anything else that you find that will affect your business. A lot of people make the mistake of believing that they can learn one or two things and then think that this is enough to build their business without having to know anything else.

The Internet changes so quickly, so When you have a business on-line you have to keep up with what is happening. Internet Marketing and Advertising methods are changing constantly, if you don’t continually educate yourself,you are setting yourself up to fail.

You have to be on top of what is going on on-line every day. You will be able to find out what is happening and changing from a number of different sources such as forums and emails. You just need to realize how important education is to the success of your business. Without education you will never be the success that you want to be.

Besides educating yourself you need to remember that you don’t want to spend any time on unproductive activities that can stop you from growing your business.


There are so many things that you have to do every day to get your business making money, so don’t hinder yourself on spending too much time on unproductive activities.

Here are some of the things that you don’t want to spend a lot of time on.

1.Checking your email

Set aside a certain time each day to check your email. This can be in the morning, afternoon or at night. You may even want to even check it twice a day if you feel you need to. When you do look at any emails that you have and want to respond to place them in a folder and come back to them when its not effecting your other prioritise.

This way you will not be distracting yourself from the work that needs to be done.

2.Spending time in forums

This is an hard one, on one side forums are ideal for learning, asking questions and even marketing, but if your not careful you can find yourself in them for hours achieving nothing.

3.Looking on different search engines

There could well be times that You will need to spend time on search engines to find something that you need, or conduct some research. Whatever you do don’t get caught in the bug of surfing or you will not get anything done.

These are all things that you will have to do at some point throughout your day. Just don’t allow them to become your focus, these should not be allowed to take away from the vital tasks you need to achieve. Fit them in if possible when all other key tasks are completed.