College Student Success & Leadership Secrets – Graduate Students & Professional Enrichment Programs

College student success & leadership secrets to embrace graduate students and professionals pursuing enrichment programs for personal development. Leadership & success secrets for college students of all ages, professions & backgrounds. A new vision to enlarge, incorporate & integrate diverse college students within the academic community.

Beyond obtaining my undergraduate bachelors degree by way of a two-year community college, followed by completing my education at UCF, I have pursued much personal and professional development coursework.

Continuing education is part and parcel of many professions and often mandatory to remain in good professional standing. As an educator, the Florida Department of Education mandates much professional development and ongoing continuing education for teachers.

As a motivational speaker and life-changing author, I both speak and write with the intention of transforming people. Because my desirable goals and outcome are measurable and quantifiable through people’s performance and productivity, I take great pride in staying on the cutting-edge academically to be a pioneer in my field.

This means I often attend very intensive professional development seminars, conferences, and sometimes courses on college campuses to further my personal and professional growth. Otherwise I would be empty as a speaker and writer. Certainly, one cannot give what they do not have. I therefore pursue bodies of knowledge with a ferocious hunger and thirst to obtain all there is to know so I can later thereafter empower my audiences and readers.

Professionals who enroll in similar professional development courses on college campuses are no different. We therefore who work on college campuses must always strive to make these executives and professionals feel at home lest they feel awkward and uncomfortable.

On the contrary, we should encourage and congratulate those who are smart enough to invest in their continual growth and development. For example, when I took a one week “Strategic Negotiations & Deal-Making” class at Harvard Business School, it cost me and the other executives who came from across the world $8,000 in tuition to attend and participate. Incidentally, the professionals participating took the course very seriously as did I.

Upon arrival at Harvard, the reception was very warm and welcoming. Our residence and living quarters was well prepared and the attention to detail impressive. This is the kind of hospitality and reception we must strive for on every college campus if we are to encourage and welcome professionals from within our communities to set foot on our colleges and universities.

If we succeed in opening our hearts and academic communities to these professionals, we shall thereby be able to endear them to our academic goals and strategically work together potentially in a multiplicity of ways to propel mutual success for all parties involved.

Graduate school, executive education, professional enrichment, and specialized training therefore should all be taken seriously by college and university administration. Certainly when the alumni are contacted to support causes on campus, the level of respect, hospitality, and services on campus throughout the year are genuine factors of consideration before donors open their wallets and pocketbooks to write a check of sponsorship and make a donation.

College and university leaders therefore must think strategically and intimately know every demographic student populace and group among them, lest they miss some great opportunities to network and friend raise. As we value people over programs; appreciate personal development over academic curriculum; and creatively design collaborate initiatives to unite our communities (academic and society) – the future shall be bright as we together bring our gifts to the table and teach one another.

This mutual respect and collaborate partnership between academia and professionals will cause us together simultaneously to achieve more success, develop more leaders, and ensure maximum impact as we together wield our influence in concert.