Education Threatens Ignorance and Terrorists

The news today that 14 boys were shot by Islamists on their way to school in an African Country left me stunned. This follows the shooting of a girl in Pakistan a year ago for seeking education. The facts that education is such a threat to terrorists of this type warrant an understanding of their cause. It has to do with the power they achieve by the ignorance they protect and of which they are a part.

Many are brain washed from birth to believe only what is heard from their leaders. This is a recipe for disaster as they are brain-washed into thinking beyond reason. They lose the means to use logic while their instincts to question authorities that are dependent on their actions for control is gone.

It is not unique to these groups; however, as even in Western societies religions dominate thinking and will overturn knowledge if and when allowed to do so. Evolution is a case in point as many religious folk won’t accept it and prefer to think of creation as having taken place in six days. The problem remains unresolved as they are so protected by their church groups that no amount of information from others to the contrary will get in.

Even the most educated leaders tend to stick to religious guide-lines when making laws for their nations. The reasoning behind it is to make sure that they stay in favour of those who are so out of focus that they want their gods’ laws in preference to logic.

While ever ignorance remains the terrorism will continue. This is stale-mate that is unresolvable as it was meant to be because the super-conflict that is closing in on all of us will bring this world to an end as we know it. That is the plan of the real God, the Spirit of the Universe.